So, I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge yesterday. Aside from the fact that these videos are now doing my nut in, I can’t help but think that they are a massive waste of water. Now obviously, I’m not saying that raising awareness for a worthy charity such as ALS is a waste of time and effort, but when you look at the figures it does seem slightly insensitive to me. So here’s my response:

Ice Bucket Challenge apology

Before anyone starts, this is not a dig at ALS sufferers, ALS research, or the people that have nobly donated their money to help the cause. It’s just the thoughts of a grumpy, cynical, intolerant man. I am not a renegade or revolutionary, trying to start some sort of viral opposition to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

For more information on WaterAidUK and their amazing work, please visit and UK residents can donate here.

Here’s my proof:


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