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Death Ape Disco


For the most part, the contents of today’s charts sucks! So I spend a lot of my time discovering music from yesteryear. There’s so much great stuff out there that either slipped me by or I simply wasn’t around to appreciate it. My quest into the bygones of music has introduced me to a some great bands, but I figured that by now they would probably be wrinkled geriatrics, brain dead from drug abuse or just plain dead. Occasionally however, I stumble across a group of 20 somethings paying tasteful homage to the kind of music I love – a good old fashioned medley of rock, grunge and metal. This is one of those times.

I’m not going to beat around the bush, 10,000 Years by Death Ape Disco smacks of Kyuss. Vocally, musically, in the songs dynamics, even down the the recording style. But so what? Kyuss rocked! Does “new” music have to push the boundaries and break down walls? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sorry for the cliché, but as long as you can avoid doing the band or genre in question a disservice, or even maybe better it in some way, why the hell should todays artists put their influences in the closet? Give the people more of what they want!

10,000 Years is a hard hitting, fast paced, slap in the face, heavy rock song. Pulling absolutely 0 punches. Chugging riffs, intricate licks, breakdowns, gritty vocals, clever time changes, it’s a masterclass in how heavy rock should be executed – heavy and raw but with skill and refinement. No self-indecencies beyond the necessary but at the same time totally ball busting.

The recording is unpolished and almost “as is” but I imagine a lot of time has been spent to make it sound like not a lot of time has been spent. Pitched perfectly for the bands style. Vocals pitched brilliantly in the mix, high, but not separated from the instruments. My only slight criticism would be that the the kick drum and bass guitar are slightly lost amongst the riffage, but it’s hard to care when your face is being melted off. Something I never thought I’d say about a heavy rock song is “I love the hand claps” around the 1.20 mark, for some slightly camp but still excellent “join in” ability (if you can put your air guitar down for long enough).

10,000 Years is just shy of the 4 minute mark, yet manages to balance a number of changes and dynamics to keep the listener guessing without losing any pace or identity, which is no mean feat.

Death Ape Disco are clearly a very musically talented band that are doing what they love, live and breath – ROCK. Has it been done before? Yes, but it was awesome in 1987 Seattle and it’s awesome in 2012 Brighton! Keep up the good work fellas. I hope there’s an album in the works?

Rating: ★★★★½

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February 21, 2012