Packing in football has meant that Golf is now my #1 sport, so I’ve been getting lessons and playing a lot more and it’s safe to say I’m a bit obsessed.

While I know this handicap isn’t that impressive, it’s been steadily coming down in recent years. I started playing more consistently in 2010 and was playing off a generous 28, since then I’ve been a member at a local golf club and managed a top 4 finish in a monthly comp.

There’s a lot of amazing golf coaches and blogs out there on the web, but as an average golfer, I’m going to post some of my golf stats, scores, thoughts, findings and happenings on here in an attempt to connect with the other average golfers out there. Stay posted for updates

Because #mishitshappen

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Taylormade RSi Fitting Day

Because #mishitshappen What's #mishitshappen all about? According to the market research Taylormade have done, it proves and shows that 76% of golfers mis-hit golf shots. This can come in a number of ways on the face, either low at the bottom almost like a thin shot...

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TeeOffTimes App Review

TeeOffTimes App Review

Boasting up to 67% off the normal green fees when compared to booking directly with the course, from the outside '' seems like a great services for golfers up and down the country, but not all is as it seems. Read on to hear my experience TeeOffTimes...

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My First Hole In 1

My First Hole In 1

It was the cool morning on the 2nd of April 2014. I'd dusted off the clubs from their winter hibernation and had played a handful of rounds in preparation for making the most out of 2014's summer. Three of us hit Widnes Golf Club as visitors and to say I'd had better...

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  • Fairways Hit 58.2% 58.2%
  • Missed Left 18.6% 18.6%
  • Missed Right 23.2% 23.2%


Greens in Reg

  • Eagles 0% 0%
  • Birdies 3% 3%
  • Pars 28% 28%
  • Bogies 41% 41%
  • Double Bogies 29% 29%